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The Alan Young Show - Pgm 6

March 6th, 2009

We took a look a few weeks back at the "Alan Young Show", a rare series featuring the comedian and actor that would later become famous for his work on the television series "Mr. Ed".

Here's another program in the series, originally broadcast on the ABC network on October 24, 1944 and rebroadcast as program 6 in the series on the Armed Forces Radio Service.  In this episode, Alan has to buy a new water heater.  It appears to be a lost/uncirculated program in the series.

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Dunning, in his book "On the Air:  The Encyclopedia of Old Time Radio", is a little rough on "The Alan Young Show".  Young was touted as one of the "new breed" of comedians that were trying to take on the top rated "old timers" of radio comedy, like Jack Benny and Fred Allen, at the time and Dunning paints the series as less than inspired.  I think the show holds up fairly well when compared to others of the period - the audience seems to be having a good time.  The episode is from early in the series, but the writers are carving out routines and jokes that work well with Young's comedy persona.

Our mp3 was taken directly from an original AFRS vinyl transcription

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