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The American Legion Asks: How Good is American Air Power? - Pgm 4 - 1953

July 12th, 2008

This program was syndicated by the American Legion as a public service during the Korean War.  Different shows in the series dealt with various aspects of America's readiness with air power.  The program is a curious relic of the Cold War - the changes in air fighting technology after World War II, such as the jet airplane and nuclear weapons, were fascinating to the public and the series seems to be an attempt to explain these changes in warfare in the face of Communist aggression.

Lt Gen Thomas D. White of the US Air Force and Rear Admiral Thomas Combs of the US Navy are the guests in episode 4 with moderator Bruce P. Henderson, Chairman, National Security Commission, the American Legion.  The show was transferred from an original RCA pressing, matrix number E2-KM-5229.

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