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The Marine Story - Program #3

May 3rd, 2008

Another dramatic series designed for Marine Corps recruitment, this one produced in 1947-48, and using a different storytelling style than the earlier "Leatherneck Legends" in previous blog posts. "The Marine Story" presented stories from the Corp's history like "Leatherneck Legends" in the blog last week, but focused on individual tales of heroism and Marine know-how.  The series featured William Bendix as star.

Program #3 tells the story of Captain James Willing and how he assembled a ragtag ship and crew during the Continental era.  This is an Orthacoustic disc produced by NBC's Radio Recording Division and pressed by RCA, matrix HD7-MM-11942.  Pencil notation on the label notes it was played on WMIN on 1-25-48.

Oddly, the RadioGOLDindex lists this series with a different cast and stories, but dating to the same time period.  I'm not sure if there's some mix-up with the title of the series of if this show was done as a parallel to another with the same title.  (This one promotes the Marine Corps Reserve, so the other may have been aimed at recruiting for the Marine Corps itself.)

Apologies for the "thumps" during the first few minutes of the show - the disc is warped.

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