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The Two Daffodils, Pgm 2080

April 15th, 2008

In this post, a syndicated show called "The Two Daffodils", featuring comedians Ken Gillum and Duke Atterbury. The program was produced in Hollywood by the Continental Broadcasting Corporation and pressed by Columbia on a very heavy one-sided laminated record. (Each disc weighs about 3.5 pounds, by the way.) I recently ran into eight episodes of the series on eight discs and will post others in the series periodically.

The duo does quick-paced comedy and novelty songs; the style might remind you of the many vaudeville comedians that did short Vitaphone subjects in the late 1920s. I've done some web searching, but haven't found any other credits for them except for another show from 1935, "Carefree Carnival", which also featured Meredeth Wilson and Helen Troy and their work on a 1934 Transco syndicated show, "Comedy Capers" (aka "Komedy Kapers"). There's also a "Duke Attebury" that is listed as a writer on a half-dozen late 1930s comedies at the IMDB, but I'm not sure if it's the same person. Goldin lists a 1939 episode of the "Gulf Screen Guild Theater", a comedy revue written by Duke Atterbury and directed by Busby Berkeley, so the IMDB might have Duke's last name misspelled.

This particular episode, number 2080, is the only one listed at the RadioGOLDINdex database, but I haven't found out much else about the show. One of the labels on the discs I have is pencil dated in September, 1931 and RadioGOLDINdex dates the show in the same year. The program title on the labels is actually "Gillum and Duke Atterbury", but the announcer refers to the show as "The Two Daffodils"; I imagine it might have been referred to in radio listings under both titles.

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