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This is War - February 14, 1942

February 1st, 2019

In this post, the first in a short run from the unique Norman Corwin series, “This Is War”.  Produced shortly after the US entry into World War II, the series was carried on all four networks and looked at various facets of the fight ahead.

This series isn’t quite as well known as Corwin’s other efforts, such as “We Hold These Truths”.  It’s just as lyrical, using words, music, and sound in a masterful way to paint pictures in the listener’s imagination.  However, it’s rather harsh compared to his other work - it’s propaganda for the War effort that really tries to hammer home the point that this is a fight for the survival of democracy.

Program 1 in the series is narrated by actor Robert Montgomery and focuses on why we’re fighting and atrocities committed by the Axis powers. It includes an opening message from President Roosevelt read by Archibald Macleash.  The show as carried on all four of the networks on February 14, 1942.  This is a transfer of the NBC feed of the program.

Our show was transferred from an original 16” vinyl Orthacoustic transcription pressed by RCA-NBC, matrix numbers MS 086711 and MS 086712.

Next week - program 2 in the series.

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