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This is War - February 21, 1942

February 8th, 2019

We continue with a short run of a few episodes from Norman Corwin’s series, “This Is War”, carried on all four networks just a few weeks after the US entered World War II.

Episode 2, broadcast February 21, 1942 is “The White House at War”.  Actor Paul Lukas paints a vivid word portrait of the changes happening to Washington as we shift to a war footing - the program looks not only at the President’s role in the War, but at the immense responsibility for human life that go into the decisions being made in Washington.

The program was transferred from an original 16” vinyl Orthacoustic transcription pressed by RCA-NBC, matrix numbers MS 086735 and MS 086736.

I believe this is a non-circulating episode of the series.


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