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Tizzie Lish - Audition - Pgm 1

May 16th, 2009

Who was Tizzie Lish?

Well, she was a daffy character heard on "Al Pearce and His Gang in the 1930s and 40s remembered for her trademark greeting "Hello folksies!"

transcription label

After Pearce's show left the air, it appears that someone came up with the idea of featuring Lizzie in her own five minute series, similar to the short "Falstaff's Fables" program, heard previously on the blog, that was a spin-off from the Fred Allen Show.

A couple of months ago, I obtained an original ABC radio network laquer containing two audition episodes for "Lizzie Tish", sponsored by Corbin Watches, but I haven't found any indication that the series was actually put on the network schedule.  Anyone have more info on the show?  Was Corbin Watches a real company or fake ad copy made for the audition?

The program was transferred directly to digital from an original ABC radio network lacquer transcription dated December 19, 1952.  The second audition program on the disc follows in the next post.

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