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Treasury Star Parade - Pgm 253

April 16th, 2008

"Treasury Star Parade" was a fifteen minute program released to radio stations as a public service to promote the sale of War Bonds. The programs generally featured musical stars, but would occasionally have comedians or dramatic actors. The show was quite successful and was continued at least through the late 1950s as "Guest Star", promoting the sale of Savings Bonds.

This episode, program 253, was released for broadcast on September 10, 1943 and features Fibber McGee and Molly in a kind of "reduced" version of their half-hour sitcom. In the show, Molly and Doc Gamble try to get Fibber to water the lawn. It also has a song, "The Man in the Big Sombrero", by the Kings Men and Harlow Wilcox on board announcing. Don Quinn and Thelma Ritter were the writers.

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