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Two Daffodils - Pgm 3079A

June 20th, 2008

Another episode in the 1930-31 comedy series, "The Two Daffodils" featuring Duke Atterbury and Ken Gillum, transferred from an original Columbia transcription disc.  The show was syndicated by the Continental Broadcasting Corporation.

In program 3079A, Ken Gillum performs "Everything is Hotsy Totsy Now", "Am I Blue?", and "You Got Me Cuckoo".  We also get a poem from Ewescray, a routine about a visit to an insane asylum, and Professor Ignatz takes listener questions.

The original laminated Columbia pressings of this series are quite heavy and thick, weighing about three and a half pounds - I always bring one out if someone has never seen a transcription disc before.  This disc was particularly difficult to transfer since it had warped into a kind of lopsided "u" shape - I finally got it to balance well enough on the turntable so that the edge of the record wouldn't hit the back of the tonearm and cause it fly off the record.

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