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Uncle Remus - Pgm 1

December 14th, 2010

Note:  This program contains racial stereotyping themes that may be offensive to some listeners.

Here's another holiday-themed show from the collection.

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In this post, program 1 of the series "Uncle Remus" featuring Jimmie Scribner.  This syndicated holiday show was originally heard in late 1947 and has Scribner, a comedian who was known for Black-dialect comedy, telling Remus stories to a group of children getting ready for Christmas.  The show was intended to run as a feature in the weeks leading up to the holiday.

The show is rather obscure today - it appears to have been withdrawn from syndication after its first run on the air.  Scribner re-recorded the series as "Sleepy Joe" a bit later.  You can read some background on Scribner and the series in an earlier post on the blog.

This previously lost episode of the series was digitized direct from an original Cardinal vinyl transcription, matrix number CAR-A-731.  I've got one other episode in the series I'll post next week; you can hear program 2 and what I think is program 4 (based on the matrix numbers) that I posted on the blog a few months ago.

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