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Wade Lane’s Home Folks - Pgm 4

April 2nd, 2017

Now, let’s sit by the fire for another fifteen minutes with everyone’s favorite unwanted guest in “Wade Lane’s Home Folks”.

In program 4, Lane starts off the show with a creepy little monologue about his fascination with peering into his neighbor’s windows and how the windows are an “eye to the soul”, leading to the first song, “Little Grey Home in the West”.  The usual assortment of slightly disturbing stories and corny old songs round out the quarter hour of your life you’ll never get back.

This show is so old-fashioned that, even for the late 30s, the target market must have been great-grandmothers or undead vampires who still had vivid memories of the pre-Civil War era.

Our mp3 was transferred from an original sixteen inch shellac transcription, matrix number B5090A.  The show was recorded in the Hollywood studios of Recordings, Inc. and probably pressed by Allied.  It was produced by Mertens and Price, 1240 South Main Street, Los Angeles.