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Welcome back and update on “Nightbeat”

October 13th, 2018

Well, the blog is back for a run for a run through the a few weeks.  I’ve spent some time obtaining new discs and have gotten a large donation of discs from listener William Harris in New York state, so we’re back for a new run of more obscure and esoteric old time radio programs.

I’d like to thank blog listener Don Ramlow for forwarding me an article from the February 8, 1950 issue of “Variety” that mentions the “Nighbeat” promotional 45 rpm record set I found a few years ago.  At the time, I wondered if there were other similar box sets sent out to agencies and potential advertisers.

According to the article, NBC produced 45 rpm box sets promoting the “Henry Morgan Show”, the “Mindy Carson Show”, “Dangerous Assignment” with Brian Donlevy, “Christopher London”, “Archie Andrews”, “Voices and Events” and “Trouble with the Truitts”.

“NBC and its parent RCA company are effecting a unique tie-in to window-dress network shows being peddled to agencies for potential clients.

The web is currently in the process of whipping together a flock of house-built programs and personalities in the form of 45 rpm package presentations.  Thus the small disks can be carried about at will, taken home by agency men, etc.”

Anyone else ever see one of these 45 rpm radio promotional sets?



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