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When A Girl Marries - May 6, 1954

October 20th, 2018

And now, another previously lost episode of "When a Girl Marries", that daytime drama “dedicated to everyone who has been in love” from the creator of “Pepper Young’s Family” and “Rosemary”.  Check my post last week for another episode in the series from the other side of this disc.

In the episode of May 6, 1954, Harry hires a private investigator to check out the mysterious goings-on with Joan’s mother.  The program is sponsored by Friskie’s dog food (made from US government inspected horse meat!).  Our cast includes Mary Jane Higby and the announcer is Wendell Niles.  The show was directed by Warren Somerville.  This appears to be previously lost.

The program was transferred to digital from an original ABC radio network lacquer.

Our thanks to blog listener William Harris for the disc!

Researcher Joseph Webb, by the way, sent along this interview with Warren Somerville.  Joseph met him in 1977.  He was still working at ABC and the interivew was originally published he OTR fanzine Airwaves #5 - March 1977 issue.

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