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WRAK Quiz Kids - October 12, 1948

July 31st, 2009

The "Quiz Kids" was a popular NBC radio series that ran from 1940 to 1953 and featured a panelist of children with high IQs answering questions sent in by listeners .  What you might not realize is that there was more than one "Quiz Kids" series on radio.

transcription label

NBC ran promotions where local stations staged their own "Quiz Kids" programs, with winners on the local editions winning a chance to compete on the network series.  In this post, the first program in the series "WRAK Quiz Kids", originally broadcast October 12, 1948.  The  station was located in Williamsport, Pennsylvania and the show is sponsored by the Lundey Paint Store.

The program was transferred from an original vinyl transcription, possibly pressed as a demonstration disc for sponsors or for local stations as an example to follow in their own "Quiz Kids" promotions.  Matrix numbers are matrix 8980A1 and 8981A1.  I've based the date on some internal references in the show.

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