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Your Home Front Reporter - October 5, 1943

November 26th, 2009

Now back to "Your Home Front Reporter", a mix of War news and music sponsored by the Owens Illinois Glass Company.  This week we hear program 107 in the series originally broadcast on CBS on October 5, 1943.

transcription label

Met Opera star Eleanor Steber opens the show with "Songs My Mother Taught Me".  Commentator Don Pryor brings us the latest War news.  The Allies are approaching Rome and making progress in Italy.  The Japanese retreating from the Solomon Islands.  Pryor also tells us about a helpful film called "What to Do in a Gas Attack" that the Clorox company is making available for community groups, reminding us that our friendly, helpful household products, like baking soda and bleach, are standing by in case a gas attack happens.  (You can view the film at the Internet Archives Prelinger Collection.)  From Chicago, representatives from the National Safety Council and the Owens Illinois Glass Company are heard as an award is given to the company for their safety record. Others on the program include vocalists Walter Cassel and Phil Regan, David Broekman and His Orchestra, and announcer Hugh Conover.

The show was transferred from vinyl transcription, matrix numbers BB37208 and BB37209, pressed by World Broadcasting System, Inc. for the Owens Illinois Glass Company.

I have two more shows in this intriguing Wartime series coming up in the blog.

Updated 11/27 - spelling corrections

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