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Your Home Front Reporter - October 8, 1943

December 4th, 2009

Here's our next to last entry in my collection of discs from the unusual and previously unheard Wartime series, "Your Home Front Reporter", a mix of news and music sponsored by the Owens Illinois Glass Company.

transcription label

From October 8, 1943, here's program 110 in the series.  Tenor Phil Regan opens the show with the song "Just a Little Bit of Heaven".  Mrs. Jimmy Doolittle stops by to discuss how families can help keep down prices and prevent inflation.

Don Pryor gives an update on the War news.  Starting tonight, the West Coast can start turning on most lights again as dim-out restrictions are relaxed; there may be a government release of eggs, milk and butter to ease shortages; it looks like salmon have been adjusting to the dams on the Columbia River and the Spring Salmon Run was above average; an update on how the WACS are helping the War effort.  Eileen Farrell, making a radio appearance early in her career, sings "The Night Was Made for Love".  The show ends with an announcement calling for volunteers for the School Lunch Program.

The program was transferred from vinyl transcription, matrix numbers BB37255 and BB37256, pressed by World Broadcasting System, Inc. for the Owens Illinois Glass Company.

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