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Transcription Parts

Odd transcription parts needed

Sometimes, transcriptions sets for half-hour or longer shows will turn up with one or more of the parts missing.  If you have any of the parts listed below, please let me know via email.

Dennis Day

I have an original NBC reference acetate of the show of September 11, 1948.  I'd be interested in obtaining a .wav file or original disc of either side one of another copy of the network version of the show or a complete copy of the AFRS version.

The disc I have is complete, but has extensive damage to about three minutes near the end of side one.  I don't know the AFRS number of this particular episode, but the plot involves Mrs. Anderson making Dennis assume the role of a French Count at a party where a pair of jewel thieves are planning a heist.  Hans Conreid plays one of the thieves.  Dennis's first song is "Love Somebody".

Adventures of Frank Race

I'm looking for the disc containing Program 28, part one bw Program 29, part one.

I'd also like to get the complete disc sets for programs 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13, which are missing from my run of the series.  (I'm interested in original discs, not tape or digital copies of the missing shows.)

Damon Runyon Theater

Missing disc containing part two of Programs 37/38.

Favorite Story

I'm missing the disc containing part one of programs 53 (The Man Who Made Gold) and 54 (Washington Square).

Frontier Town

I'm missing the disc containing part two of programs 18 and 19 from my set of this series.

Skippy Hollywood Theatre

I'm missing the following discs:

  • Pgm 408 (Marriage Strictly Preferred) bw Pgm 409 (White Carnation), both part two
  • Pgm 414 (Minister's Angel) bw Pgm 415 (Star Bright), both part one
  • Pgm 410 (Beloved Rogue) bw Pgm 411 (Prima Ballerina), both part one
  • Pgm 418 (The Liar) bw Pgm 419 (Song of Thanksgiving), both part one

The Smiths of Hollywood

I'm missing the disc containing Programs 19 and 20, part 2.