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American Cancer Society - 1948 Fund Drive - Square Moon

June 25th, 2010 · Comments

Michael Utz recently donated another curious little disc to my collection, this one from the American Cancer Society's 1948 Fund Drive.

transcription label

Cancer, along with mental illness, and several other health issues, used to be very taboo subjects - the disease could be so devastating that it wasn't something that was talked about in polite company.  This little drama "Square Moon", attempts to combat this attitude and the resulting fear and misinformation that can result.

In the show, a man goes to his doc with a sore on his lip and deals with the prospect that he might have cancer by trying to find out as much about the disease as he can.  The description of cancer he reads in a book at the library makes it sound like the disease is a Communist invasion.

Unintentional creepy moment in the program:  He visits a cancer research lab and the doc there offers him a cigarette to calm his nerves (and he thanks the doc for it on his way out of the lab).

The show was recorded by the American Broadcasting Company Recording Division.  It was digitized from a vinyl American Cancer Society transcription, matrix number ABC 562

Thanks again Mike for this unusual show!


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James A. Fitzpatrick’s Movie Horoscope Series - May

May 3rd, 2010 · Comments

If you were born in May and you enjoy the blog, consider this your birthday present.  :)

I admit, this isn't a radio transcription, but it's great fun and a one-of-a-kind recording.

transcription label

In this post, a 16" soundtrack disc to a lost film short, "James A. Fitzpatrick's Movie Horoscope Series - May".  Fitzpatrick Pictures made mostly short travelogues with some entries distributed by MGM and there's no documentation I can find about this particular series.  I would assume they would have released one of these each month for different signs of the zodiac.  The short gives you the low-down on the personality of people born in May and some famous individuals from history who share May birthdays.  The series is so obscure, I didn't even find a listing for it at the Internet Movie Database.

The label notes that it's production number 62052 with sound recording done on the RCA Photophone process.  So the film was recorded with the "sound on film" process and this disc was used for showings in movie houses that still had setups for Vitaphone discs.  The disc was pressed by Victor, matrix number FIT2-62052-21 and is dated 1930.  The film elements to the short appear to be lost.

Listen closely around the 3:30 mark and you can hear the distinctive "ringing" of a tube in the sound equipment, probably caused by some kind of vibration in the equipment, a technician bumping against the tube or some other electrical problem.  I have an lp issue of some of Bell Labs early electrical recording experiments of the twenties and this "ringing" was a problem they'd sometimes encounter during recording sessions.


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Family Hour - Pgm 74

April 19th, 2010 · Comments

The "Prudential Family Hour" was a popular 1940s series of light operetta and classical music heard on CBS.  AFRS rebroadcast the series as "The Family Hour" on their network.  Like many regular live music programs of the period, there aren't many episodes in circulation - Goldin lists about forty examples in his database, primarily from AFRS discs.

transcription label

In this post, we hear program 74 of the series as heard on AFRS and originally broadcast on CBS on December 17, 1944.  The first tune on the program is a rousing version of "Beat Out That Rhythm on the Drum" from "Carmen Jones".  Our host is Frank Gallop and his smooth, round announcing tones.  Heard on the show are regulars Patrice Munsel, Reed Kennedy, Jack Smith and Al Goodman and His Orchestra.

Our show was transferred from original vinyl War Department AFRS vinyl transcription. The date is from the disc matrix and I believe it's a previously lost episode.

I've got a couple more programs in the series I'll drop in for you in the coming weeks.


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