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American Family Robinson - Pgm 46

February 2nd, 2017

Some time ago, I posted several episodes of this rare continuing propaganda serial, funded by the National Association of Manufacturers to combat Roosevelt’s New Deal policies.  The show, first distributed in Fall 1934, was announced as being from the “National Industrial Council”, an arm of NAM set up to distribute leaflets, films and other materials bashing the New Deal.  You can read about the controversy surrounding the series in my original 2009 post on the show.

Since obtaining a significant run of the show, which was previously lost, I’ve turned up a few scattered episodes.  Some fill in a few missing pieces in the current run of the program; others are later episodes past what we had before.

In this post, the previously lost episode 46 of the series, Gus forces Windy Bill to give Luticia Timmons an ultimatum to choose between them.  Luke and his wife discuss all the new “cure alls” that are supposed to solve are economic problems that “bring new burdens”.

Our mp3 was transferred from an original sixteen inch World Broadcasting System, Inc. vertical cut acetate, transcription, matrix number SS 8843-33.

More lost “American Family Robinson” episodes are coming soon.