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Five Minute Mysteries - Pgm 26

May 7th, 2010

Let's pause for a brief mystery.  A five-minute mystery, in fact.

transcription label

From the RCA syndicated series, here's program 26, "A Rose By Any Other Name".

The show was transferred from original RCA Syndicated Program vinyl transcription, matrix number ND5-MM-3229-8B.  The disc is dated December 22, 1947 in the matrix, probably indicated a repressing - the "ND5" in the matrix number would put the original mastering of the show in 1945 so this is probably a repressing.


  • KL from NYC

    Most of the OTR sellers offer mp3 sets of under 50 programs. One guy in Florida has 99 (with some doubles mixed in, so it’s less). Half the programs are numbered from 1 to 185 with quite a few gaps, including between #012 and #030. There are no programs with the titles you have posted (although they might be mistitled and in with the other unnumbered half — it’s been a while since I’ve heard them, and I don’t know the plots by heart like some other programs I have). The people that offer these programs often make a lot of mistakes, but the guy in Florida is pretty accurate.

    Jun 22, 2010 at 12:29 am