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The Police Reporter - Pgm 15

August 25th, 2010

We're up to program 15 in our rare mid-30s syndicated true crime drama series, "The Police Reporter".

This episode looks at a case from 1890, an insurance collection plot that leads to the murder of Ludwig Brandt.  The show includes an announcement at the end asking listeners to write in if they would like to hear about a particular case.

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There are some original articles I found about the case including pieces from the NY Times of May 9, May 10, and May 19, 1984 and the New York Daily News of May 8, 2008.  The case is also mentioned in "A Manual of Legal Medicine", a book from 1902.

The program was digitized from an original shellac Radio Release, Ltd transcription, pressed by Allied Recording in Hollywood, matrix number A-1113.