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The Story Princess - Pgm 2

July 24th, 2009

"The Story Princess" was a series created by Alene Dalton for a local Salt Lake City radio station in the early 1950s.  She left for New York in 1953 and the program appears to have been picked up by the ABC network.  It's shown as being carried on WABC in this program log.  In digging around the web, I've run into some merchandising associated with the show, including one or more books with a "Story Princess" theme and toys associated with the program.

transcription label

In this entry, program 2 in the "Story Princess" series as broadcast by the Armed Forces Radio and Television Network.  In this previously lost program, the Story Princess performs "Snow White" and we also hear a Little Orley story where he gets himself a cricket.  The show is dated July 25, 1958 in the matrix of the disc and was probably carried on ABC.

I warn you - this may be a previously undocumented old time radio series and that can be exciting, but the program itself is quite dreadful.  Everything about is canned, prerecorded, and prepackaged, even down to the chatter of the kids.  Perhaps earlier efforts by the Story Princess broadcast during radio's better days had a little more life about them.

Any one else heard another episode of this show or seen anything else about the series?

The program was transferred from an original AFRTS vinyl microgroove transcription.

Update, 7/25/09 - See Jim B's remarks in the comments section.  He found an article from the Long Beach Independent dated October 4, 1958 where the show premiered on KABC.  He also notes the last show on the station was March 5, 1960 and has some other information on Alene Dalton.