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Union Leader Tobacco - April 1, 1940

March 18th, 2017

Finally on the blog this week, an unusual fifteen minute musical show by a unique performer, Harry "Woo Woo" Stevens.

The Union Leader Tobacco program featured Harry Stevens playing banjo and singing old well-known tunes.  Stevens has a performing style that harkens back to the days of vaudeville and early radio, with friendly patter between (and during) the songs about his home town in Georgia and how great the “old songs” are.  The first song on the show of April 1, 1940 is “Let Me Call You Sweetheart”.  The program was originally broadcast on NBC.  I can’t find an entry for this in any newspapers at JJ’s Radio Logs, so it might have been carried on the network on a regional basis.

You can read about the long and storied career of Harry "Woo Woo" Stevens in an article published in 2007 at the Orange County Register.

The show was transferred from an original set of twelve inch air-check lacquers running at 78 rpm made for Stevens.