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American Family Robinson - New Series - Pgm 142

August 12th, 2010

Well, we're up to the last two shows I have in the serial "American Family Robinson - New Series", released by the National Association of Manufacturers to promote conservative political polices for businesses.  This week I'm posting the last two shows together since they're a bit later in the series and in a different storyline that the episodes heard in weeks past.

The first "Family Robinson" series in the 1930s was created to combat Roosevelt's New Deal policies.  The "New Series" was written more to promote the idea that businesses could be on a war footing without any government intervention.

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These last two shows deal more directly with that theme, which was more obtuse in previous episodes.  In program 142, Luke and Myra are on their way to Hollywood and Mr. Robinson talks with a salesman who is being "loaned" to work a lathe to help the War effort.

This show was recorded for broadcast the week of June 1, 1941.  Keep in mind that this was six months before Pearl Harbor - it really demonstrates how the war in Europe had everyone preparing for the worst and realizing we probably couldn't stay out of conflict.

This previously lost episode of the series was transferred from original and Orthacoustic vinyl transcription pressed by RCA, matrix number MS 065462.

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