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American Family Robinson - New Series - Pgm 77

June 25th, 2010

Luke boards the train in Birch Falls on a little adventure in program 77 of "American Family Robinson-New Series", syndicated by the National Industrial Council (aka the National Association of Manufacturers).

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Luke tries to leave behind the turmoil in his marriage created by the "Perfect Couple" publicity gimmick thought up by Windy Bill.  On the train, he quickly picks up a conversation with a traveling salesman, leading to a storyline that looks at what life is like for businessmen on the road.

Program 77 was released for broadcast the week of October 13, 1940 and was transferred from an original Orthacoustic vinyl transcription pressed by RCA, matrix number MS 055677-1.

The next show in the series, program 78, where Luke checks into a hotel, was previously posted in the blog a few months ago.  We'll pick up with program 79 next week.

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