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American Family Robinson - New Series - Pgm 80

July 10th, 2010

Our story continues this week on "American Family Robinson - New Series", syndicated as part of a propaganda campaign by the National Manufacturer's Association against liberal polices that stifle business.

transcription label

Pgm 80, released the week of October 27, 1940, finds Luke still running away from home to escape the "perfect couple" publicity stunt cooked up by Windy Bill for the Emporium.  He seems rather forelorn and homesick at the hotel, looking for something to do on a weekend night.  The show includes a curious little conversation about Fifth Columnists and spies - Luke seems to think that those who stir up "class warfare" here in the States are doing the work of dictators like Hitler.

The show was transferred from an original vinyl Orthacoustic transcription pressed by RCA, matrix number MS 056444-1.

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