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Behind the Scenes in Hollywood - Series A Pgm 9

March 5th, 2011

We're at the mid-point of our collection of the 1940s show publicizing the film industry, "Behind the Scenes in Hollywood".

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Program 9 of Series A looks at sound technician's role in making movies.  Everyone's getting their hair dyed at Warner Brothers.  With the paper shortage, studios are having trouble finding substitutes for flowers for Technicolor films.  Developing a new transparency screen for a Claudette Colbert film.  Includes personality profiles of Ronald Coleman and Lee Tracy, just out of the Army.  The recording includes a false start just before band three on the disc.

The show was transferred from an original vinyl transcription pressed by Allied in Hollywood; it is previously uncirculated among otr collectors.

Since the blog's going on hiatus, keep an eye on archive.org for the rest of the series - I've given copies to the Old Time Radio Researchers Group and they may be posting the whole set of discs in my collection at some point.

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