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Favorite Story - Pgm 44

June 12th, 2009

"Favorite Story" is one of those syndicated shows that's never gotten a lot of attention from old time radio collectors.  But there's some great drama there, such as today's entry.

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Program 44 is "The Strange Mr. Bartleby", based on a story by Herman Melville, the favorite story of Robert Montgomery.  In addition to the host, Ronald Coleman, you'll hear two old time radio favorites - Hans Conreid and William Conrad - in a rather unusual story that's part mystery and part character study.  Goldin dates this episode of "Favorite Story" to April 22, 1947.  The show originated at KFI in Los Angeles and was then syndicated by Frederick W. Ziv.

Our transfer is from an original set of red vinyl Ziv transcriptions,

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