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Guest Star - Pgm 443, Sept 18, 1955, Portrait by Cupid with Vincent Price

July 23rd, 2008

"Guest Star" was a series with hundreds of episodes released to radio stations in the 1940s and through the early 60s to promote the sales of US Savings Bonds.  The program is more well-known for musical guests, but, on occasion, an actor or comedian would be given a turn at the microphone.

In program 443, dated September 18, 1955, we hear Vincent Price in a short drama called "Portrait by Cupid" that involves a talented painter, counterfeiting and, of course, love.  It's not the best-known or best work in Price's long career, but it's fun to hear him in this setting.  The fifteen minute format didn't allow for much character or plot development, so the script is a little simplistic; that's probably why they didn't try this format often for the series.

The show, in near hi-fi quality, was transferred from an original Treasury Department transcription in almost mint condition.  This comes from a period when the discs were pressed extra-thin - if you saw it and you were a knowledgeable record collector, it might remind you of RCA's "dynaflex" albums from the 1970s.

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