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Guest Star - Pgm 9

October 13th, 2018

“Guest Star” is, of course, the long-running United State Treasury syndicated series created to promote the sale of Savings Bonds.  If you’re collecting transcriptions, it’s probably the most commonly-found series, so I really only get the discs if they’re unusual.  And any comedy or drama presentation is unusual in this series usually devoted to musical guests.

Program 9 in the series features a fifteen minute comedy show with guests Jimmy Durante and Garry Moore that plays similarly to their popular CBS program.  Dennis Agay leading the orchestra and chorus opens the show with “California”.  The sketch in the show features Jimmy Durante and Garry Moore running a real estate business and finding themselves with a haunted house.  The announcer is Howard Petrie.

The show was transferred from an original vinyl transcription disc, matrix number ND7-MM-5428.  The date April 3, 1947 is in the matrix.

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