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Hancock’s Half Hour - Pgm 18 - The Jewel Robbery

February 27th, 2009

Now a bit of comedy, courtesy of "Hancock's Half Hour", an influential BBC situation comedy broadcast from 1954 through 1961.  It was one of the first BBC comedy series that took the form of a sitcom, something fairly common at the time here in the States.

transcription label

"The Jewel Robbery" was originally broadcast on the BBC as program 2 of the 3rd Series of "Hancock's Half Hour" on October 26, 1955 and was recorded on October 3, 1955.  It was distributed to foreign markets as Program 18 in the series by the BBC Transcription Service in the late 1950s.

The show was dubbed from an original shellac 16" BBC Transcription Service set, matrix numbers 16PH87870 and 16PH87871.  So far, these, along with some "Goon Show" discs distributed by the BBC around the same time period, are the latest shellac transcription pressings I've found.  It's curious they weren't pressing these on vinyl at this late date.

Update, 6/25/2009 - Corrected post based on information from Jim Exley. I incorrectly identified this episode as "The New Car" from December 7, 1954.

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