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Home Town Sketches - Pgm 49

May 1st, 2009

Well, here's an odd little syndicated show I can't find much information on.

"Home Town Sketches" seems to be a light-hearted serial, along the lines of "Easy Aces" or "Vic and Sade", that looks at characters in a small town called Centerville.  It was sponsored by Fels-Naptha laundry soap (which is, believe it or not, still available today) and was broadcast four days a week.  I've seen the program listed in some newspaper logs in 1936; it may have only been syndicated regionally, perhaps on the West Coast.

transcription label

The main characters on the show operate a radio station - an example I'll post next week actually takes the form of a "broadcast within a broadcast".  In this show, Anna Q. Watts and Captain Albert return from their honeymoon in Hollywood and Catalina.

The show was transferred from an original Radio Recorders transcription disc, pressed on blue Vinylite probably by Columbia, matrix number RR-1543.  Apologies for the scratches on the disc, but the years haven't been kind to this unique transcription.

Next week, the other side of the disc with program 50 in the series.

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