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Jungle Jim - Pgm 12 - January 18, 1936

October 22nd, 2008

Note:  This program contains racial stereotypes that may be offensive to some listeners.

In this post, we start a short run of four programs in the series "Jungle Jim" from early 1936.  The program was based on an adventure comic first published in 1934 in Hearst newspapers.  The radio show was an early attempt at "cross promotion", with each week's radio episode reflecting the content of the Sunday comic running in the newspaper.

In the storyline, Jungle Jim goes up against the nefarious "Bat Woman" who has captured the Reverend Chalmers.  Will Jim rescue the Reverand from the evil clutches of the Bat Woman?  Will Chalmers be able to withstand the Bat Woman's methods of torture?  Will the Reverend's daughter find more ways to give us exposition about the story?  Listen and find out...

I purchased these four discs from an antiques dealer.  They were found in the attic of an old hardware store, still in the original shipping packages where they were sent by railroad to a station in Arizona.  One even included the special "Shadowgraph" needle used to play these early vinyl discs.

Program 12 in the series was released for broadcast on January 18, 1936.  The show was transferred from original RCA Victrolac transcription, matrix MS98584.

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