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Manhattan Nocturne - Audition

January 12th, 2019

You can’t get much more obscure than this.  It’s a fifteen minute audition program for a series called “Your Manhattan Nocturne” featuring vocalist Alec Morrison and harpist Robert Maxwell.  Morrison starts off the show with “Maybe You’ll Be There”.  Maxwell does a jazzy rendition of “Sweet Sue” after the fake commercial break.  The theme is “Autumn in New York”.

I can’t really find anything on Alec Morrison, but Robert Maxwell was much better known as a composer of “Ebb Tide”, “Shangri-La”, and the tune “Solfeggio”, famously used by Ernie Kovacs.

Our show was transferred from an original one-sided Presto 16” lacquer produced by William R. Morison, 7121 Hillside Avenue, Hollywood.

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