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Nonsense and Melody - Pgm 27

March 21st, 2010

Here's another fun quarter hour of "Nonsense and Melody", a series syndicated by Transco starting in circa 1935.  The series was recorded in the Freeman Lang Studios in late 1934.

transcription label

Program 27 is one of my favorites in the series.  Hosts Frank Gill, Jr. and Bill Doemling, who were comedians at KHJ, do an intro to the show that quickly seques into a hot jazz number, "It's Wonderful Weather for Love", sung by Jean Cowan.  The Three Jack Tars do a great novelty tune called "An Animal Trainer Am I".  The framing device for the series is a cruise and this week they're in Vienna, so Gill and Doemling do an opera sketch, "Babes in the Hollywoods".

The show was digitized from an original red vinyl Bruce Eells and Associates - Broadcasters Program Syndicate transcription pressed in the 1940s.

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