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Phyl Coe Radio Mysteries - Pgm 8

July 24th, 2009

Here's the only other episode I have of "Phyl Coe Radio Mysteries", a program syndicated by Philco Radio and Television Corp circa 1936 to about 250 radio stations.  The series is notable for including the first female detective on radio and for it's unusual format - the solution to the mystery isn't revealed and you were supposed to head down to your local Philco dealer to get a book to write down clues and your solution to enter a contest for prizes.

transcription label

Program 8 in the series is "The Case of the Stolen Sables".  This one's particularly fun since it works in some talk about a witness listening to their wonderful Philco radio as part of the plot.  You can listen to the episode, try to guess the mystery, then click for one listener's possible solution.

Special thanks go to David Kiner for this week’s mp3 transfer.  I traded for a couple of transcriptions with him and he generously threw in a digital transfer of the discs, complete with CEDAR processing.  Kiner sells high quality discs of old time radio material and you can find his cds at his ebay store.

The show was transferred from a World Broadcasting System, Inc vinyl transcription, matrix number BB14924C2.

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