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Pick and Pat - June 28, 1937

September 25th, 2009

Note:  This program contains racial stereotyping themes that may be offensive to some listeners.

Kicking off this week's posts, from June 28, 1937, we hear part of the rare comedy-variety minstrel show, "Pick and Pat", originally broadcast on CBS.  This disc is part of a set of airchecks I recently obtained that were produced for the producer of the show, Frank Macmahon.

transcription label

The disc opens with part of Stewart-Warner refrigerator commercial at the end of the Horace Heidt program, local announcement on how to get tickets for the Heidt program, and the WABC id.  The "Pick and Pat" program is dedicated to the Boy Scouts of America, potential future smokers of the sponsor's Model and Dill's Best tobacco.  The duo's opening routine is about swimming and going home to see "Mammy" on vacation.  Edward Roecker sings "I Love You Truly" and Benny Krueger and the band perform "Where or When?".  Pick and Pat's second routine is about Frank MacMahon's libel suit against them, a running gag in the show at the time.

This is only the first part of the program and the remainder of the show doesn't survive.  These discs were originally recorded on three sides and the other side of this disc is labeled and dated for part 3 of the show, but is blank -  this side of the disc runs almost 18 minutes, so the rest of the show may have been recorded on the missing second disc.

This previously lost/uncirculated program was transferred from original WABC aircheck laquer recorded by National Recording Company, New York.  The file has been run through click reduction software to improve the sound.

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