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Police Reporter - Pgm 3

May 27th, 2010

Note:  This program contains language and racial stereotyping themes that may be offensive to some listeners.

Now, the third program in the previously lost and uncirculated early 1930s syndicated series, "The Police Reporter" that we'll be running through over the next few months.

The true crime case in program 3 is the so-called "Georgia Slave Murders" that occurred in 1921 in Atlanta.  A man keeps and abuses Black men as slaves in a compound and kills all them when word gets out to the police.  This disturbing case was the subject of a 1999 book, "Lay This Body Down: The 1921 Murders of Eleven Plantation Slaves" by Gregory A. Freeman.  You can also read a summary of the real case on this forum post.

transcription label

The show was transferred from an original Radio Release, Ltd. shellac transcription pressed by Allied Recording in Hollywood, matrix number A-1081.

Next week:  a case of murder from Paris.


  • Jim

    Thank you anonymous and Randy. The shows are good and I enjoyed looking up the history for the dusseldorf vampire from last week. I’m sure this weeks entry is just as good.

    May 28, 2010 at 5:41 pm
  • Bob

    Found “The Police Reporter” in April and May 1935 radio listings of a Pheonix paper, the Arizona Independent Republic. Unfortunately, newspaperarchive.com does not have any issues from March ‘35 so it’s not clear when it debuted or exactly how long it ran. The show aired on KTAR, Tuesday and Thursday evenings, sponsored by Leonard and Frigidaire Dealers. The same station aired “Calling All Cars” on another evening. The last scheduled episode seems to be May 14.

    Here are the May listings:

    8:45pm Thu, May 02, 1935 Frigidaire Dealers Present “The Police Reporter” 8:45pm Tue, May 07, 1935 Frigidaire Dealers Present “The Police Reporter” 8:45pm Thu, May 09, 1935 Frigidaire Dealers Presents “The Police Reporter” 8:45pm Tue, May 14, 1935 Frigidaire Dealers Present “The Police Reporter” 8:45pm Thu, May 16, 1935 “South Americans” courtesy of Frigidaire Dealers

    May 29, 2010 at 2:51 am
  • S Jansen

    “Fun?!?” “Yeah, whuppin’ n*ggahs. I loves tuh whup n*ggahs.”…utterly chilling! Graphic without being gory. Some great radio - thanks for transcribing and sharing these!

    Dec 27, 2010 at 3:37 pm