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Ports of Call - Pgm 13

August 1st, 2010

Finally this week, a bit of purple prose from far-off lands.

Although "Ports of Call" is in circulation dubbed from tape, I'm trying to upgrade the series when I can from original transcriptions.  Who can really resist tours of all these exotic places and those lovely blue Columbia Flexite discs?

transcription label

In this post, program 13 of the series, "Japan".  The program looks at stories of Japan's feudal past, including the famous story of the 47 Ronin, and the country's growing connections with the west after Commodore Perry's visit in the 19th century.  "Ports of Call" was syndicated in the early 30s - it's curious to hear this audio tour of the country, since we'd be at war with them just a few years later.

The show was transferred from an original Philip J. Meaney Flexite transcription pressed by Columbia

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