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Safe at Home - Pgm 1

March 11th, 2017

Now we kick off a few episodes of another obscure public service series that I haven’t really been able to dig up much on.  “Safe at Home” was syndicated by the Bureau of Health Education of the American Medical Association.  A local station penned 1958 dates on the label, but I’m not sure when the series might have originally been distributed.

Program 1 in the series is “Care in the Kitchen” and consists of a little drama about a husband and wife with commentary by Fred V. Hein, PhD, educational consultant of the Bureau.  The Roger Steele Trio plays music; the first tune is “It’s All Right With Me”.  The announcer is Jack Sterling.  The show was directed by Martin Magner and written by Harriet H. Hester.

Our transfer is from a rather abused 16” vinyl transcription from WOR-Mutual’s Recording Division.  The matrix number is 97718-1.


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