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Smiley Burnette Show - Pgm 177

June 13th, 2010

A big tip of the hat to Michael Utz, who recently donated some wonderful discs to my collection.

transcription label

Here's one of the highlights - a previously uncirculated episode of the syndicated RadiOzark series, "The Smiley Burnette Show".  Program 177 includes really nice Western swing versions of "Caravan" and "Sleepy Time Gal" in the show.  And the sound on this near mint condition disc is marvelous - it's one of the best recorded shows I've run into.

By the way - did you know that Smiley, in addition to being a sidekick for Gene Autry in films and a familiar face on television's "Petticoat Junction" was also a talented musician that wrote over 400 songs?

The show was transferred from a RadiOzark vinyl transcription; it's banded into three parts for inserting announcements by your local announcer.  "WLOG - 10/31/51" noted in pen on label.

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