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Suspense - AFRS Pgm 8, Sorry Wrong Number

August 27th, 2008

Here we offer the very first performance of "Sorry, Wrong Number" with Agnes Moorehead from the CBS series "Suspense", originally broadcast May 25, 1943.  This version is the one heard by our Armed Forces on AFRS in 1943 as program number 8 in the "Suspense" series.

I posted a later performance from the following year in a previous blog entry.  This first performance contains a "flub" at the end where the sound effects person makes a mistake and the actor who plays the killer gets mixed up.  The end of the show confused listeners and, the following week after many letters and phone calls, the producers of "Suspense" started the program with a special announcement explaining how the episode ended.

There are some MP3 files floating around that are labeled as "east coast" and "west coast" versions of the episode, with the "east coast" version containing the mistake and the "west coast" version done properly.  The "west coast" version is actually a fake - someone tacked on a correctly done ending from a performance done months later.  "Sorry, Wrong Number" was only presented once on May 25, 1943 on the network and it was not repeated at a special time for west coast listeners.

The show was transferred from an original AFRS vinyl pressing in nice condition.  Get a load of the AFRS announcer doing the opening with the echo chamber.

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