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Thank you and goodnight

June 15th, 2017

Well, we’ve reached the end of the shows for this run of posts in the blog.  We’re going on hiatus again as I search for new discs.

I’ll spend the next few months looking for new esoteric shows of interest to the discerning Old Time Raido Collector and start some new posts when new discs start rolling in.  It’s getting harder to find material for the blog.  I scout auctions, eBay and other sources for discs and I’m not seeing the selection of programs available when I started the posts about my collection a few years ago.  We’ll see what turns up!

Thanks so much for your support - I hope you’ve enjoyed the shows I’ve posted or at least found them useful to fill in some of the blanks in Old Time Radio history.

Until I start posting again, explore some of the older posts to hear some summer reruns!

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