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The Eddie Cantor Show - Feb 14, 1945

December 1st, 2018

Finally this week, we hear “The Eddie Cantor Show”, originally broadcast on NBC on February 14, 1945 and heard here in a version distributed by Armed Forces Radio as a replacement for “Duffy’s Tavern” program #89.

I guess Duffy was preempted that week.  Well, I’d rather listen to Cantor anyway.

Eddie kicks off the show singing “Swanee” and the comedy sketch “Around the Clock with Eddie Cantor.  Hoagy Carmichael, hot off his appearance in the film “To Have and Have Not” is the guest and he sings "Billiaduk”.  The show features Cantor, announcer Harry Von Zell, Bert Gordon as “The Mad Russian” and Leonard Sues and His Orchestra.

Our mp3 was transferred from an original Armed Forces Radio vinyl transcription.

Many thanks to listener William Harris for his donation of the disc to the blog!

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