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World Program Service - Disc 425

December 20th, 2009

Here's another in a series of obscure Christmas-themed radio dramas, sold to individual radio stations as part of a station library package by World Program Service in the 1940s.  Blog listener Micheal Utz donated this set of discs to my collection.

transcription label

Disc 425 is a drama titled "Christmas for Eve" that stars Lorraine Day and it's a bit of a doozey, if you like melodrama.  A woman, scarred from a childhood fire that happened on Christmas finds new hope during the holiday season after much emotional angst.  This one's such a downer, it makes "Mildred Pierce" seem like an Abbott and Costello movie in comparison.  (I could see Joan Crawford in this thing if she had an opportunity to slap someone during the show.)

The show was transferred from a vinyl World Program Service transcription, matrix numbers BB-53319-B1 and BB-53320-B1.  There's no open and close to the program; those would have been covered by your local announcer giving Christmas greetings from one of your area businesses.

There's one more disc in this set that will go up just before Christmas.

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