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Your Movietown Radio Theatre - Pgm 24

December 20th, 2009

Let's return to "Your Movietown Radio Theatre", a seldom heard series syndicated by Frederick W. Ziv circa 1947-1948.

Program 24 is, I think, a previously uncirculated episode, "The Sound of Her Voice", a charming, dark little comedy about a man who finds a genie in a bottle.  Our star is Robert Hutton.  Since the show was syndicated, you don't hear the opening, just a music bed, since a local announcer would have kicked off the program with a plug for a local sponsor.

The show was transferred from an original vinyl Ziv transcription, matrix numbers UR 174915 AU1 and UR 174916 AU1.  The disc set is very scratched, so I had to run it through some click reduction software.  Sorry, but no label on this entry - the discs had water damage and the label is obscured.

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